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We’ve now finished our second CD “Them There Blokes” with Des Patalong in charge of the recording and mixing.

We’ll have copies with us at bookings, of course, but if you can’t wait till you see us next, just leave a message on our Contact Us page (click here) and we’ll get in touch with you and arrange to post one (or more) to you. Here are short extracts from some of the tracks to whet your appetite:

Sugar In The Hold Below

One More Day

Congo River

Whip Jamboree

Here is the full track listing:
Bully In The Alley
John Kanaka
Roll Down
Ellan Vannin
Boston Harbour
Congo River
Frobisher Bay
Whip Jamboree
Roller Bowler
Fire Down Below

Boney Was A Warrior
Sugar In The Hold Below
Deep Blue Sea
One More Day

Our first CD “Cut The Throats”, which is still available from us,  was recorded and produced by Norman Wheatley at Spindrift Records.
In Folk and Roots, David Kidman wrote “Unlike so many shanty-based CDs, the performances here bear repeated listening and the recording captures the special blend and balance of these four voices well.”
Kristy Gallaher said “Just sitting doing some work while listening to Sharp As Razors….. fantastic! The harmonies are so tight, really enjoying.”

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